Member Newsletter Spring 2024

Winter is finally gone and we think the monsoons will be subsiding shortly. That being the case we will see an increase in club and range usage. We need to remind everyone that the range rules are in place to ensure the safety of all those who use our facility. Unfortunately on Easter Sunday we had two members who decided to use the ranges even though there are several signs on the property stating that on holidays our facilities are closed or we close early. This information is also explained during the safety orientation, so there is no excuse for this infraction. Both members have been sent letters explaining their infraction and informing them that their memberships have been terminated. Everyone should be aware that our lease with the County has certain restrictions that we have to comply with.We are currently in the process to find a few retired members who are willing to take over operation of our Trap program. If you have the time and are willing to spend some time helping our club generate income so that we can keep upgrading our facilities please contact any one of our members running the trap program. We are obtaining quotes at this time to put a new roof on the 100 yard rifle shed and also to replace our baffle system which is in need of repair.Have a safe and healthy Spring and SummerRegards, Charlie
The club has 15 members volunteering their free time as Range Officers. A typical 4 hour tour ensures that all range rules are being observed by the members. Members interested in becoming a range officer would be highly welcomed and should attend a Range Officer meeting which is held every 3rd Sunday at the club house at 10 to 11 AM, If you are interested see Rich Balsamo : Chief Range Officer

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We are over 700 members that are active within the new member section of the website. All members that are approved for the members section of the website will be receiving a monthly e-newsletter like the one you are reading now. The most up to date information and news from the club will be included in this email. Please take the time to read the articles and keep informed on changes, notices and events that are happening at the club. To join the members section of the website, you must be a current (Dues Paid up to date) member.


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There are two pages to the web site. The first page is the public page, the second page is the membership page. This Membership page was created so that all members could be informed as to what is happening around the club. Some information is for the members only, not the public’s eye,

If you have any questions go to the Contact Us and click on [email protected]. This will allow you to send an email with your question. It will be answered in a reasonable time     .


Come out and enjoy shooting our 5 Stand Sporting Clay targets. We have 9 different machines throwing a variety of targets including a tower for an overhead target and a rabbit running on the ground.  The 5 Stand Sporting Clay is open to the public, so bring as many friends as you want. The cost for a round (25 Targets) of 5 Stand is $9.25 and we are open from 11 AM to 3 PM on Saturday and Sunday. HAPPY HUNTING

Membership Renewal

Membership renewals will be processed at the Orientation Meeting, held on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 9:00 AM.

The Membership Renewal Form is now located in the membership renewl section of the web-site. Fill out the form completely and mail it to the address on the form or bring it to an orientation meeting, held the 2nd Saturday of each month. If you are mailing your renewal, don’t forget to include a self addressed stamped envelope.