Youth Basic Rifle

Youth Basic Rifle:

BCFG offers a combined entry level / intermediate level rifle program and we strive to provide individuals interested in learning marksmanship an opportunity to safely master the skills, knowledge, and discipline essential towards embarking into the sport of recreational or competitive rifle shooting.

Shooting can bring a lifetime of enjoyment to individuals of all ages and for many different reasons. Some may prefer to target shoot for precision and accuracy using sophisticated target rifles, and others may shoot a family heirloom to prepare for a day of hunting together.  For whatever reason, shooting a rifle is a challenging but rewarding sport.

Safe Riflery is achievable!  Safety is central to everything we do and teach.  Learning to safely and competently shoot is always taught and stressed from the beginning for all shooters at every skill level, and it is never compromised.

Program Details:

The Basic Rifle program is held weekly at the main club house / indoor shooting range. The clubs indoor range has ample shooting points for all four rifle positions, well-lit lanes, and a climate controlled environment making year round shooting possible.  The program is typically focused on beginner and intermediate shooters between the ages of 10-18.  However, exceptions for adults are not uncommon and can be accommodated.

Each week we will focus on shooting safety and introducing individuals to the sport of rifle shooting.  As the shooter continues to actively participate, they will hone their riflery skills.  Specifically, they will be taught the concepts of proper equipment operation, develop skills for shooting with precision as well as accuracy, and finally learn about the many opportunities that are available in the sport of rifle shooting.

All shooters are supervised during our program and have the option to shoot for fun or improve their marksmanship towards participating in the clubs “NRA Rifle Qualification Course of Fire.”  The program rewards riflery achievement at each level and the first of sixteen levels starts with Pro-Marksman & finishes with the Distinguished Expert designation.

Things to Know:

  • Location – BCFG main club house / Indoor shooting range.
  • Time – Friday night starting at 7:00pm sharp. Class runs till 9:00pm.
  • Equipment – Club rifles, mats, jackets, hearing protection, sandbags, & scopes are available.
  • Supplies – Standard Velocity .22 LR ammunition & targets are provided.
  • Parents / Guardians are required to be on-site for the programs duration.  They can view the activities from behind the “Wait Line” or utilize the clubs common area for a quiet activity.
  • Hearing protection is required for all shooters and guests during the program.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the cost?  $5.00 per shooter.
  • Can I bring my own rifle? Yes, but all rifles are subject to a review by the range officer / instructor for acceptable use.
  • What if my rifle has a magazine?  No problem but a single load shot plan will be followed.
  • What Ammo can I use?  Club provided standard velocity .22 rimfire only.
  • Do we have to be members?  Membership is not a requirement to participate.
  • Will I be permitted to shoot with my child?  No.  We prefer to reserve as many shooting points as possible for the junior shooters participating in the program.
  • Can I coach my child during the program?  No. but the range officer / instructor reserves the right to make exceptions to this rule for our regular intermediate shooters whom we have trained.
  • How many can shoot?  It depends on turnout, but we regularly adjust to conditions by creating groups of shooters and reducing relays to ensure everyone has fun and time to shoot.
  • Can my daughter participate?  Absolutely and class gender is typically balanced equally.
  • What types of rifles sights are on the club rifles?  Non-optical metallic peep sights are setup on the club rifles for proper target shooting.
  • What about safety?  Safety is paramount to the program and always instructed.