Bucks County Fish & Game Association has partnered with Shooting Star Archery Academy to bring ARCHERY back to the club!


  • MONDAY NIGHT FAMILY SHOOT: Every Monday from 6:00 to 7:30PM; ages 6+; Equipment is provided or bring your own! (NO CROSS BOWS).                                  USA Archery Certified instuctors on site!

In addition to our Monday Family Shoots – SSAA will be offering the following Archery Programs: 

  • EXPLORER ARCHERY: The Explorer Archery program is a USA Archery program for Archers ages 6 to 17. Explorer Archery is amulti-session, progressive, instuctional Archery Program. Archery is not mastered in a six-week session. Archery is that sport that you need to continuously practice at in order to become proficient. This program is designed to work at each Archer’s ability level. Each session comes with different lesson plans! As with all individual sports, each archer developes at a different pace. The Explorer Archery Program starts the Archer at 5-yards distances and developes up to 15-yards as they learn to hit the bull’s eye consistently. Once an Archer is consistently hitting bull’s eye at the 15-yard distance a coach may recommend the JOAD program.
  • JOAD: Stands for Junior Olympic Archery Development. The JOAD program begins at 15 to 20-yards distance and shooters are prepped and introduced to competitive Archery
  • S3DA: Stands for Scholastic 3-D Archery. This program is to foster, educate and guide the youth in the areas of indoor target, 3-D and outdoor target archery as well as safe, ethical bow hunting practices. In addition, S3DA expects to help provide a basic understanding & respect for our natural resources, environment, and nature with a special emphasis on modern wildlife conservation and regulated sport hunting.
  • ADULT LEAGUE: Ages 18 plus. Held on Tuesday evenings (dates and times to follow).

For more information contact: Donna Lynch @ 267-377-9348

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