Civilian Marksmanship Program


CMP is held the 4th Saturday of each month from 10am to 2 pm, with registration starting at 9:30am.

The CMP is a high power service rifle training program jointly run by the club and the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP). The program is chartered by the Federal government. The purpose of our activity is to encourage folks to become skilled marksman with the US service rifle. The primary method use to do this is to encourage shooters to become high power rifle competitors in NRA type rifle competition. Shooters need not be club members, nor do they have to have any equipment, we have equipment for loan to new shooters, including ammunition.

Shooting in the matches, along with being a member of the club will qualify individuals to purchase arms and ammunition directly from the CMP.  A preview of what they have to offer may be found here:
The club has 2 AR15 rifles, 5 M1 rifles and 1 M1 carbine for use by shooters. Shooters may use their ammunition in our rifles, as long as the ammunition is deemed safe. Shooters are of course allowed to use their own rifles and ammunition. Coaching for new shooters is available.

Swiss Type Rifle Matches

Not many changes over last year but note we allow the use of JG11 middle band on the K11 and K31, which brings us in line with NRA as-issued rules.  Also note if you do not have a Swiss sling you may use a US GI web sling but it must be configured like a Swiss sling for the Feldschiessen and the Obligatory match.  Do be sure to give the program a quick read.

We unfortunately did have to raise the price to $10 for the day.   This was necessary to pay for medals and target printing costs.  While we do not have to make a profit, we do have to ensure we break even and as such we have to charge accordingly.  For now active duty military (or full time Guard ) and Juniors will pay $5.  Any extra money we pull in will likely go to the December award lunch-dinner, which we expect to be a yearly event.

For now we are not running the pistol qualifications but if there is sufficient interest we will run them sometime this summer.  I will have sample targets at our March shoot which are suitable for practice with @ 25 yards.  These are 50 meter targets scaled for 25 yards on 11×17 pieces of paper.

We now have a set of Swiss tools that may be of help to people at the matches Use of these items is allowed at the match, just be sure to be careful with the use of the tools and no dropping them on the concrete.

1)      Front sight adjuster, K31/K11

2)      Front sight adjuster, JG11, G96/11 (have not tested it yet)

3)      Set of headspace gauges, go and no-go

4)      Set of barrel gauges (bore size 7.48 to 7.60)

5)      Throat gauge (how much wear is in the throat).

6)      Bore scope (cheap one suitable for looking at any rough area in your bore)

7)      Electronic trigger gauge

8)      Score books suitable for use on the Swiss course of Fire (free copy available to shooter).  This was revised in November and has a lot more useful info in it.

I hope to have a supply of bedding shims made this spring in the various sizes used by the Swiss.  We have a limited number of bolt cores and other spares, with a list of all the vendors that do stock such items.  In any case if you have any potential issues with your rifle we can take a look.

Lastly if folks want to borrow a rifle with a target sight or they want to bring guests, no membership is required.  For now only Swiss ammo may be used in borrowed guns.   If there is a demand for ammo we can stock it, with the likely being on the order of 11 dollars per 20 or 33 dollars per 60 rounds (55 cents).  I say ”on the order” as we would have to put in a bulk order and that is dependent on the prices and shipping costs at time of purchase.  At present the Swiss Franc is dropping relative to the dollar, so it is possibly the cost of ammo will go down in the next 3~4 months.  It would be nice to see the price back down to 50 cents/round delivered, but for that to happen the price of the ammo has to come down to about 44.5 cents per round.  If interested let me know on this, we could also do a bulk buy this spring, which might help on shipping costs.

Frederick Richardts

CMP:  Final 2021 schedule

After 3 rounds of feedback, all of which was appreciated, here is the final program for 2021.  It is by no means perfect and cannot be. That said it hopefully encompasses the best ideas put forward by the participants and will allow for some growth in the program in the year ahead:

Final 2021 schedule

    1st match,

 10:00 to 11:00

2nd match,

11:15 to 11:45

2nd match,

alternative course

3rd match

12:00 to 15:00

Month Date (58 shot) CMP (36 shot) CMP 36 shot Swiss match (60)
January 30 NMC A
February 27 NMC A East front
March 27 NMC A East front All
April 24 NMC A Precision course All
May 22 NMC A Precision course All
June 12 NMC A WWII match All
July 24 NMC A WWII match All
August 28 NMC A All
Sept 25 NMC Presidents All
October 23 NMC Presidents All
November 20 NMC /M1 Springfield WWI All
December 4 NMC /M1 Springfield WWI Mauser-Swiss Challenge


Relevant Notes:

  • Missing above are the combat matches: These will be renamed as “Practical rifle Match” and will be held anytime after the 30-shot match, when 4 or more participants are present.
  • Details on the individual matches in the accompanying match flyers: Some Changes made


  • Looking for volunteers: to run the line for the main CMP or A course match, help keep the program going.


  • Preregistration allowed. You can Email for the slot and position.   If the position is taken you will be given one to the right or left.  Position will be held until 15 minutes before the match. Email address:


  • Additional relays will be added, if sufficient demand warrants it.


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