Black Powder

Black Powder Committee: William Matthews, Barry Miller, Art Forgione, Gerry Mauer

Daniel Boone, Davey Crocket; American heroes, Valley Forge, Gettysburg; hallowed ground, something common to both heroes and sacred ground; black powder guns.

The Pennsylvania long rifle carried by our pioneering ancestors, becoming famous at the Battle of New Orleans by those Kentucky boys and their long guns, thus the term Kentucky long rifle. Our Union, preserved by countless heroes with a muzzleloader and newer developments, cap locks, lever action, breach loaders now preserved or recreated and used by North – South Skirmish Association living history buffs.

Shooting, building, reminiscing and socializing about our common history is enjoyed at our club. The Pennsylvania Federation of Black Powder Shooters publishes a booklet listing club shoot and rendezvous dates.

BCFG offers excellent ranges to hone your skills in bench rest and off- hand shooting at the Black Powder range.


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