The next session for the Bucks Clay Busters will be held on 11/5/14 at 12:30 in the Club House.

New Shooters can sign up by contacting Paul Perlstein at 215-776-0443

Targets are free for team members, bring your shotguns and ammunition


Range Officers

Range Officers, Safety and you. What’s it all about?

I know, you want to come to the range, maybe shoot up some ammo, then go home. Do the lawn, relax a little and possibly watch a game. Or maybe you’re an Archery shooter, quietly walk the woods shooting at the 3D targets or practicing form at the practice range. You could be any one of several types of people. Black Powder shooter? We all know that one well don’t we? Talk a little, take your time, loooaaaddd the rifle, fire a shot, talk a little, cleeeaanan out the rifle, talk some more (I swear, the Civil War would have been years shorter if BP shooters didn’t talk so much between shots!). Whatever your reasons for using BCF&G, and there are hundreds, one thing keeps getting in the way of your fun – those pesky RSO’s, or Range Safety Officers. Right?

The RSO organization in BCF&G is composed entirely of volunteers. These men and women give up some of their own practice time because they feel they are capable of making the range a little more enjoyable and safe, and they want to give back to a club that affords them hours of enjoyment in practicing their sport. BCF&G this year offered our RSO’s a fully certified CPR / First Aid course taught by the Second Alarmers. We also offer training, by present or former Police Officers, demonstrating techniques in safely approaching people, how to put people at ease, liability issues and a myriad of other aspects involved in RSO activities.

The RSO is there for your safety. While the majority of people using the ranges strictly follow the rules, there is always someone who thinks they know better or feels the rules do not apply to them. You’ve seen ‘em, I’ve seen ‘em – it’s “that guy!”. Whether it be driving on the road, or at the range – it’s always “that guy.” Our rules have been established, used, modified, and changed periodically. They are under constant review (as all members are, due to our 24 hours CCTV surveillance system) and are modified as we feel appropriate in order to maintain a safe and enjoyable range.

I know I wouldn’t want to be standing nine yards from a target, while the person next to me is standing twenty or so yards away from a similar target, and rapid firing right past me (trust me, it happens on some ranges). We all start and stop at the same time. some ranges start and stop differently, so while one range is active, another adjoining range is at a cease fire condition. Our RSO’s primary concern is the safety of our members. Sure they might seem a little draconian at times, but when you’ve seen as much as we have, we would rather be strict than have someone injured. I’m sure you would too.

So next time you see an RSO doing his or her job at the range, stop and think for a moment. Without them, there would be no range. Without them there would be complete mayhem. I know a lot of you, when you see a service member, thank them for their service. Why not extend the same courtesy to our RSO’s too? They work hard keep all of us safe, and they do it because – it’s the right thing to do.

If you’re interested in becoming an RSO, contact us through this website and let us know of your intentions, or better yet, stop down at a General Membership meeting and talk directly to us, we’d be more than happy in letting you know what the duties are and would help you decide if this is something you might like to do. We can never have enough RSOs and you’ll be part of a great organization – giving something back. After all – it’s the right thing to do.

Range Rules Updated

The Range Rules have been updated to reflect recent changes in the operation of our ranges. It is the responsibility of each member to know and adhere to these rules.

A PDF copy of the new rules can be downloaded from the membership section of this web site.

Advanced Bow Hunter Education

An Advanced Bow Hunter education program is being held at the Falls Township Club on August 16, 2014 in conjunction with the PA Game Commission. One of our own instructors from BCFG will be helping teach this class.

Anyone interested in attending should contact Bryan Young at:


The process for becoming a member at Bucks County Fish & Game has been updated.

Applications for New Membership will no longer be taken at the General Membership meeting.

All Applications for Membership will be accepted on the Second Saturday of every month at 9:30 AM at the club house. Each applicant must be there in person to present their application & indemnification forms along with their first years dues. At that time they will attend a safety orientation. The safety orientation will consist of a class discussion on the Club’s safety & range rules as well as a tour of the facility explaining the process of using the ranges at Bucks County Fish & Game. Each individual will be given their own copy of the range rules.

On the fourth Thursday of the month (exception of November, Third Thursday) the applicants will attend a general membership meeting (7:30) at which time they will be given a short test on their knowledge of the safety & range rules.  All applicants who pass the test will be voted into the club at the end of the membership meeting. Any individual who does not pass the test will be refunded their applications fees and if they desire can attend another orientation the following month.

All forms necessary for application can be downloaded from the membership section of this web site or they can be picked up at the Club House.


Club Hours of Operation

The club is open Monday through Saturday 10 AM – Sundays from 11 AM till Shooting  ending times posted on the driveway sign clock & the rifle range clock. We are closed on the Holidays posted on the sign as you enter the rifle range road along with the time shooting must end that day. For Trap shooting days and times please check the calender on this site.